Fresh Catch

Fresh off the boat this week are some excellent looking, stylish rims from H Plus Son, some homegrown bottom brackets from Enduro, a cross tire from Clement that will change your brand loyalties, and some perfect road tires for the winter season from Vittoria.

The H Plus Son TB14 Rims take their styling cues from Ambrosio, but where Ambrosio sticks with the traditional 19mm rim, H Plus Son builds the TB14 to be 23mm wide giving these box-section, low profile rims an incredible ride. The quality is equal to or better than anything else on the market with virtually invisible welded seams and finely machined brake tracks. A perfect marriage of the classic with the innovative.

Speaking of innovation, the Enduro XD-15 Bottom Brackets are the smoothest on the block. We just got these in BB30 and PF30 configurations. These angular contact ceramic bearings are the finest Enduro makes. The races are so hard that Enduro gave them a lifetime warranty. The XD-15 is the last BB you will ever need to buy. The icing on the cake is they are user serviceable and made here in California.

The Clement Crusade PDX Folding Tire is making waves on the cross scene. It’s labeled by many to be the perfect cross tire, providing fast rolling and excellent grip even in the mud. Clement is a new brand for and we will have more models available shortly.

For the foul weather riding season, we give you the Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech Tires. These are a great riding durable option for the winter months. No other tire of this durability has 150 tpi which helps give the Rubino Pro Techs a smooth ride. The tread is also designed to channel water and debris, making it a great option for those adventure rides that often end up in the dirt. These are available in 23c, 25c, and 28c models.