Fresh Catch | Kurt Kinetic inRide Powermeters

Kurt Kinetic trainers have almost literally been flying off the shelves at Art’s HQ. Apparently our customers really love to train! And who wouldn’t? You can get all of the health benefits of riding while catching up on old episodes of Game of Thrones. That’s a pretty sweet deal! Plus, it’s the prefect way to keep the riding muscles active during the winter months, or when you’re just too lazy to take the bike out on the roads (we’ve all been there). Anyone who exercises regularly knows how quickly “fit as a fiddle” can slide into “out of shape,” so it’s important to stay in the habit of riding a little every day.

Staying in shape is awesome, but what if your training could do more for you? What if your training could not only build muscle mass, but build cycling skill as well? Well, we just got some new gear that can do exactly that! We’d like to present the new Kurt Kinetic inRide Powermeter:

Kurt Powermeter

It may just look like a little black box, but we assure you—it packs a punch. It’s exactly what you need to make the most out of your training. This one easy attachment snaps right on to Kinetic trainers and lets you track and record every minute detail of your ride.

First and foremost is power output—this is the purest measure of exactly what you’re putting into the pedals. It’s what the pros use to fine-tune their ride; learning how to shave off seconds is vital in heated races. Measuring power isn’t just for the pros though, comparing power output from day to day can tell you how much your training is paying off. It’s great for output experiments too. Ever wanted to know if you pedal better in the morning or the evening? How does a full night’s sleep affect your ride? Is that recovery powder really working? Do you put out more power while watching sitcoms, or reality shows? The possibilities are endless! These little tests can turn a daily training regimen into a fun way to maximize your output.

The Powermeter makes comparing daily rides simple thanks to its effortless Bluetooth connectivity. Just download the app on your iPhone (4s or newer), iPad, or Android device, and the Powermeter wirelessly syncs up. Once everything is connected, the Powermeter sends your phone realtime data on just about every aspect of your ride. Of course there’s the ever-important power output, but the app also keeps track of cadence, speed, distance, and calories burned. Your phone saves this data and displays it as a graph, so you can see exactly how every facet of your training played out throughout the length of your session.

Kinetic iPhone

If you’ve ever wanted to seriously geek out about your training, this is the perfect way to do it. The app can send data logs as emails, for easy archiving or spreadsheet conversion. You can also post your training data to social media, so it’s a great way to track personal growth or to compare workouts with friends (or rivals!). Hard, indisputable data will definitely add an air of scientific professionalism to your personal cycling blog.

The Powermeter also comes in a heart rate sensor bundle, for even more detailed readings. Staying aware of heart rate while training is important, because hitting certain heart rate levels has been proven to increase the benefits of exercise. Focused training in certain heart rate zones can increase fat metabolism, improve blood circulation, and improve endurance—these benefits aren’t just great for your physique, the make you a better cyclist too!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.39.52 AM

Kurt’s Powermeters are quickly becoming our favorite training accessory here at Art’s. Training regularly is important, but it can be a slog. Sometimes it’s really hard to get motivated to do some pedaling after a tough day at work. But the Powermeters turn training into a game rather than a chore. It’s actually fun to try and stay at a certain power level, or to see if you can regulate your heart rate as you ride, or to try and beat your high score. Comparing and contrasting your rides adds another level of gameyness to training that makes it way easier to get motivated.

Hooking up the sensor is a breeze, and there’s no tech-wrestling required. Here’s a guide on how to install your inRide Powermeter, once you buy one of your own: