Cannondale’s Jekyll and Trigger Models All Set to Jive With 27.5

New long-travel Lefty SuperMax fork to feature prominently in Cannondale’s revamped OverMountain lineup.

While unveiled just two years ago, Cannondale’s Trigger model has already recieved quite a bit of attention from its designers. Joining the 29-inch version launched last year, the new Trigger 27.5 will fill in the gap between the existing 26-inch model.


Shown here in ‘Team Carbon Limited’ guise, the Trigger 27.5 should offer an interesting mix of capabilities with it’s light weight, ‘tweener wheels and split-personality suspension.

The same can be said for the Jekyll, which save for being just a touch further along in the product cycle, is on a nearly identical trajectory. Save for the new wheel size and the Jekyll’s move to 160-millimeters of travel up front,  the major changes to the two respective models include some subtle geometry tweaks and suspension adjustments.


Bigger brother to the Trigger, the Jekyll pioneered Cannondale’s OverMountain line to many a stellar review. Oh, and did we mention it has a few Enduro Wolrd Series wins to its name? You’d best watch out for this puppy when it’s packing a set of 27.5-inch wheels.

Headlining these supsension changes is the introduction of Cannondale’s new Lefty SuperMax forks. Taking their unique Lefty platform up to 160-millimeters of travel for the 27.5-inch models and up to 130 millimeters for the 29-inch lineup,  with the new Lefty Supermax, Cannondale now has the ability to equip their OverMountain line with their signature single-stanchion design. Retaining the supple needle-bearing construction as well as the stiffness the Lefty is known for, Cannondale adds a new “Wide Mouth Piston” that increases the platform’s small-bump sensitivity.


Stealthy. Sexy. Supple. Want me to stop already? Okay, sorry.

What does all of this add up to? (BIAS ALERT!) Two of the most capable bike in their respective categories. While for some, the twin-shock rear suspension is too much to wrap their heads around, or they flat-out just don’t trust it, Cannondale’s Trigger and Jekyll both add up to some of the most well-rounded, confident-mannered bikes yours truly has had the pleasure of riding.

All bias aside, it appears Cannondale has made some rather meaningful improvements to both models, definitely earning them a place on anyone’s shortlist.