Fresh Catch: Our Latest Haul of New Gear

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Pedal-based power meters are super convenient, aesthetically pleasing (you don’t have to run an alloy 32-spoke wheel on your thoroughbred race steed), and offer very accurate data. They are, however, quite spendy. While not falling into the All You Can Eat Buffet pricing category, the Garmin Vector S Power Meter does save you quite a bit of coin. Offering nearly as much data as it’s right/left strain gauge-equipped sibling—which offers info broken down between both pedals—the S gathers data from the left pedal only. When your tax refund comes along the Vector S is upgradable to the dual-sided Vector.



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Front to back, top to bottom, there isn’t another helmet on the market that puts as much thought into protecting your brain than the Kali Maraka XC Edge, other than the rest of Kali’s line up, of course. With dual-density foam, reinforced vents, and a mixture of materials all fine-tuned to absorb impacts with more effectiveness than any other helmet, Owner Brad Waldron has put all his experience as an aerospace engineer into the Maraka. Brad’s take on the superior safety of low-density foam bucks trends and is backed up with real research.



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You won’t use them all the time, but when you do, the Louis Garneau Providence Chamois Bib Tights will feel like sipping hot chocolate by a cozy fire. Lined with Heatmaxx brushed lycra and fronted with water and wind proof paneling, the Providence tights are your ticket to ride on days when everyone else goes to spin class. Since if you are wearing these, it’s too cold to be peeling off layers, a Garneau Airzone chamois provides ventilated, chafe-free comfort.








Built to allow unencumbered pedaling but to be there when you need them, the iXS Carve Knee Guards are tough and comfortable. Low-pro, non-restrictive, and light weight, the Carves are your choice for racing performance. Protection coverage is extended above and below the knee, as well as on each side.