Giordana’s Top Technologies

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 1.02.47 PMGiordana has consistently shown superior aesthetics and advanced technology since their 1979 inception. Current product offerings continue to uphold their heritage of quality and style, making them one of our customer’s most coveted brands.

Born amid the pro scene of the late Seventies/early Eighties, Giordana continues to create top-level kit for the fastest racers on the planet. Lessons learned while working with the pros are passed down, enabling you to ride faster, longer, in more comfort.

Here are some of Giordana’s top technologies, found in apparel available on the Art’s Cyclery website.

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 1.12.54 PMEXO—EXternal Optimization

EXO garments feature advanced aerodynamics and compression fabrics. Designed to fit as close as possible, and featuring such aero advantages as a “no-profile” collar and covered rear jersey pockets, EXO garments also provide compression to delay the onset of fatigue and help speed recovery.

EXO bibs also use Ametista fabric—which contains carbon fiber threads—in mid-section panels to protect your organs from electro magnetic radiation.

FRC—Forma Red Carbon

Giordana’s FRC line-up feels like a second-skin. Ergonomically cut panels follow your body’s contours and fit perfectly in the cycling position, eliminating bunching and wrinkling. Also enhancing the custom-like fit is HC-44 lycra, an extremely high thread count (44 TPC) with a very fine thread for a light weight yet compressive garment. Carbon-enhanced Ametista fabric is used for comfort and as part of Giordana’s Core Contact System, helping to protect you from electromagnetic interference. Four-needle stitched flatlock seams lie flat and comfortably against your skin.

FRC jerseys exhibit a collar with a low profile front for comfort, which tapers to a normal height in back. Longer sleeves give more sun protection and compression to fight fatigue. Finally, a cam-lock zipper enables fast opening and stays out of the way when you’re all zipped up.

Both the EXO and FRC bibs have Girodana’s stellar omniform chamois. Exhibiting extremely low-profile edges and a highly evolved design, the omniform is one of the most comfortable pads on the market.

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