Introducing Bont Shoes

Bont Vaypor+

We are excited to announce Bont shoes are now available at Art’s Cyclery. Bont is an Australian company that has been crafting skates and shoes since 1975. Bont cycling shoes are unlike anything else on the market and there are two new models that we are especially enraptured with. The Vaypor+ is the pinnacle of the lineup with two Boa-esque dials that secure the upper. The Riot is Bont’s “entry level” shoe that is fully heat moldable and has many of the same features as the top-end Vaypor+. At $148.99, we feel it provides amazing bang for the buck.

Bont Riot

The $148.99 Bont Riot is fully heat moldable.

There are other heat moldable shoes out there, but that customization is usually limited to parts of the upper and the insole. The base of Bont shoes are heat moldable in addition to the upper, which means all stiff areas of the shoe can be molded in a standard oven. You can mold them as many times as you want over the lifetime of the shoes. If you’re curious about the molding process, check out this video.

Bradley Wiggins Bont

Bradley Wiggins rode a pair of Bont shoes at the 2012 Tour de France.

Most shoes have a pre-made base and upper that are glued together, occasionally resulting in a shoe with an incongruous feel between the sole and upper. Bont’s handmade shoes use a “bathtub” style design where the sole wraps up and around your foot with the upper laminated on by an epoxy resin, creating a monocoque design that’s one of the lightest, most efficient shoe designs imaginable.

The last was developed with data from 20,000 laser foot scans in addition to professional rider feedback. Bont shoes also incorporate structural medial longitudinal arch support to keep your knees and hips in proper alignment while pedaling. The outsole utilizes a cross weave of aircraft grade carbon fibers and allows your foot to transfer the maximum amount of force to the pedals. The extra stiffness of the wrap-around carbon takes some getting used to, but the efficiency gains are nothing short of amazing. Finding the right size is easy with the Bont size wizard.