Introducing Club Ride Apparel

Club Ride

The reasons to ride a bike are limitless and there’s no shortage of gear to accommodate every rider’s needs. Just take a stroll through the seemingly endless aisles at Interbike for proof. But cycling apparel is playing catch-up to cater to all different types of riders. Sure there are a lot of brands out there, but so much of it looks and feels the same. Club Ride recognized this and set out to create cycling apparel with casual styling at its core that doesn’t sacrifice on-the-bike performance. Built for every type of riding, Club Ride apparel performs as well as it looks and can be worn just as easily on the bike as off. Founded in 2008 in Sun Valley, Idaho, Club Ride’s mission is to make cycling apparel for those who don’t want to look like they’re racing in the Tour de France on their morning commute, but still want the performance features of technical materials.

Club Ride Vibe Jersey

The Club Ride Vibe Jersey looks like a typical plaid shirt but is made of a wicking material and has mesh under the arms.

Club Ride jerseys are made from a material called Lightweight RideDryWear, which gives them the look of a regular shirt but wicks moisture and dries quickly. Jerseys also have mesh panels under the arms to increase airflow and rear storage pockets. To grasp the essence of a Club Ride jersey, just imagine turning your favorite plaid collared shirt into something you’d actually want to ride in.

Club Ride Cargo Away Shorts

Check out the subtle pinstripes on the Cargo Away shorts.

Like the jerseys, Club Ride shorts can easily be worn in casual settings, but are built to ride. Made of durable, abrasion resistant materials with a seamless crotch gusset for comfort while on the bike, Club Ride shorts are intelligently designed to be pedal friendly no matter what kind of terrain you’re traversing.

If you love to ride but aren’t looking to get fully kitted up to ride to the grocery store, take a closer look at Club Ride.