OTTO Derailleur Tuning System

This week’s Fresh Catch comes to us courtesy of OTTO DesignWorks. The boys up in Oregon were nice enough to send us a sample unit of their OTTO Tuning System. This intriguing product is advertised to walk you through a full bike tune-up using the included alignment gauges and their sophisticated iPhone app.

Opening up the packing, you will find two alignment gauges and simple instructions to get you started. I use an iPhone, so I jumped on the Apple App store and downloaded the free OTTO app. It is a large application; so make sure that you are on a WiFi network before downloading.

Photo Jul 30

After opening, the application walks you through an initial setup. Once you specify your drivetrain, the app accesses the phone camera to calibrate itself against the gauges. This is a one-time procedure to ensure accuracy, since every gauge is slightly different.

Photo Jul 14


OTTO Gauges take the guess work out of derailleur alignment


After that, the tuning process was surprisingly straightforward and easy. I was impressed with the software’s intricacies. After asking me to perform tasks, it would verify that the desired result was achieved. I have used guided software before that was too “dumb” to deal with anything but the ideal situation. This was not the case with the OTTO tuning system. I successfully completed a tune in 10-15 minutes without any troubles. After, an Art’s mechanic and myself went back over the bike and found no fault with the tune. It shifted crisp and smooth throughout the gear range.

The video below demonstrates the experience you can expect when using the OTTO Tuning System. This is a great way for someone who wants to learn how to tune their bike at home to keep their commuter or regular steed in top shape without always taking it to a shop.

Currently the software supports Shimano and SRAM 9-11 speed rear derailleurs. 11-speed drivetrain tuning options are limited to road groups, but OTTO DesignWorks told me that new versions of the application are nearing completion with more support and new features coming soon. One future addition is a derailleur hanger bend feature. While I’m not familiar with how it might work, it is a promising idea if it could successfully walk you through straightening your derailleur hanger at home.

I look forward to future updates as the OTTO Tuning System adds features and support. If you have a 10/11-speed road bike or a 10-speed mountain bike, this could prove to be a valuable tool for you. I appreciate industry advances like this that really step out of the box and bring a new approach to how we have been doing things.