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How is it that the Holidays have the unique ability to raise your blood pressure about as much as hellacious L.A. traffic?! Aren’t Christmas and Thanksgiving supposed to be the time of year filled with relaxation and quality time spent with loved ones? Things seem to have been lost somewhere in the mix. Nobody wants to celebrate the holidays by standing in long lines of people and traffic to buy something you’re not fully convinced is even wanted or necessary. This is where Art’s comes in handy: not only can we spare you long lines, but this Gift Guide for the roadie in your life will help to point you in the right direction of things that will not only be desirable, but useful and GREATLY appreciated.

GIFTS FOR RACERS  –  Does the cyclist in your life sport freshly shorn legs on a regular basis? Do their tanlines qualify as epic? If so, these are definitely the gifts you’re looking for.

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Vittoria Corsa G+ Open Clincher ($76) – With the amount of “technology” in modern product lines, it is all-too-easy to claim “do-it-all” performance , but we’re happy to announce that Vittoria’s Corsa G+ Open Clincher Tire actually delivers on their promise.

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Lezyne CNC Travel Floor Drive ($79) – Large amounts of travel are involved with racing, no matter what. Being stuck with a pump that doesn’t work, a full-sized floor pump (read “won’t fit in your luggage”), or simply without one at all means that you won’t be racing. Don’t go through all the effort to race, only to be let down by a basic equipment failure.

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Castelli Diverso Sock ($20) – This merino wool blend sock keeps comfort high and odor low. Merino is also versatile over a wide range of temperatures, so this sock will serve you through fall and summer equally well. Finally, a  twelve centimeter cuff and bold styling makes it a great part of your on-the-bike ensemble or your around-town kit.

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CAPO Gelato Special Edition Bib Short ($220) – Made in the USA, CAPO has quickly become known for their well-fitted apparel and minimalist, European styling. This special edition release not only offers compression, breathability, and maximum comfort in the sit pad, but it’s incredibly good looking and will perfectly suit the Gelato Jersey.

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Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenation ($30) –  The powerful, dual-purpose Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator aids in recovery as well as injury prevention. Delivering raw materials to your muscles promotes rapid tissue repair, while also helping to reduce inflammation, soreness, and pain-without requiring you to over-rely on NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

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