This Just In!

 In this new weekly feature we will be sharing our most recent product arrivals fresh out of the box. This week we have the 2012 Sram Red Exogram BB30 cranksSwissstop Disc 26 padsRenthal SR4 ChainringsRenthal Integra Stems, and the long awaited 29er Continental Trail Kings!

2012 Sram Red Exogram BB30 cranks showed up… sort of. We got a 170 and a 175 in stock so far. The crank is truly much nicer than the previous generation with its massive X-GlideR chainrings. Just picking it up, the first thing you think is, “wow this is light!” Our scales confirm this with a 175 coming in at an impressive 562 grams. Best of all, Sram got rid of the wavy washer, finally!

Noisy Avid brakes? Rejoice! A few of the boys here have put these Swissstop pads through the ringer and can attest to their silent, powerful braking. One rider thinks they actually have more stopping power than Avid versions. Though that has yet to be confirmed, one thing is for sure, these Swissstop Disc 26 pads for Avid Elixirs and XX make brake squeal a thing of the past.

Renthal SR4 Chainrings are now in stock for all you moto and DH guys. They are everything you’d expect from a Renthal product, and they are much stiffer than you’d expect a ring this size with this much machining to be.

Renthal Integra Stems are also instock. These stems are sweet! The machining is amazing and the anodizing looks great too. This is the only stem on the market to use only six-bolts and not require you to remove everything from your handlebars to install them.

29er Continental Trail Kings are in stock! 2.4 and 2.2 Folding bead versions are available. Unfortunately Continental doesn’t yet make RTR Protection or Apex versions so we’re encouraging you to flood Continental’s inbox  with emails until they do!