Trending: Camo and Fluo Cycling Gear is Hot

Giro's Collection of Camo Gear

I’m not a hunter but I’m thinking about becoming one with all the camouflage cycling gear now available. I can outfit myself from head to toe and sneak through the forest with the greatest of stealth. Those unsuspecting critters will never see me coming. Think of all the remote places I could access that a hunter on foot couldn’t. I’ll get a sweet custom rack on my bike to haul my trophies home, and the new competitive sport of Bike Hunting will be born. Races/hunts will take place in the most remote areas possible and traverse an enduro-style trail profile. The winner will be the cyclist who covers the course in the fastest time and brings back the most impressive animal.

Bike hunting in Camo

Oh what’s that you say…camo isn’t just for hunting, it’s cool now? My apologies dear readers; as the soft goods buyer here at Art’s Cyclery it’s my job to stay up on all the latest trends so we stock the hippest gear around. Of course camo has long thrived outside the realm of utility, but never has it been so pervasive in the cycling industry.

In all seriousness, I’m digging this new trend and hope to see more of it. I’d like to see cycling apparel go through a rebellious phase that ditches the reds and blues in place of more camo and neon. Cycling apparel (road apparel anyway) is so tame compared to what’s popular in skate, surf and snow culture. Here’s my advice to product designers: if variety is the spice of life, season the heck outta your next collection. This camo craze has me thinking it’s time for a new camo clad Art’s Cyclery kit. I’ll make sure we have plenty of camo gear in stock, just in case Bike Hunting takes off.

Since we’re discussing cycling fashion trends, let’s talk about fluo. Love it or hate it, fluorescent colors are even more ubiquitous than camo. Fluo Yellow was all the rage in 2013 and you can expect to see Fluo Orange take over in 2014.

POC has long been a purveyor of Fluo, but their new Octal helmet and apparel collection takes their commitment to bright colors to another level.

POC Octal Helmet and Jersey

Of course Giro is on the orange bandwagon. You’ll be tough to miss wearing the new Prolight SLX shoes.

Giro Prolight SLX Shoes in Fluo Orange

I prefer hints of bright colors, like the way Castelli designed the Trasparente Due Wind Jersey. I’m anxious to see if the newcomer orange outsells the incumbent yellow.

Castelli Trasparente Jersey What’s great about these trends is that whatever your style is, you have more options than ever to develop it. Fashion is cyclical and camo and neon may be short-lived trends, but they sure are fun. And that’s what this sport is all about. If wild colors and designs get more people into the sport, then I’m all for it.

Australian manufacturer Attaquer has some seriously flamboyant designs that might be a little over the top, but I think they’re headed in the right direction.

Zebra cycling kit

Camo Kit

Attaquer kit