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Trigger Point Performance Hip and Lower Back Kit

As cyclists, we all have a pretty decent grasp of the importance of a training routine; pre-season, off-season, mid-season, and  peak-season all have different programs, and we all know that preparing ourselves for the next ride begins at the end of this one. Everyone has their optimal nutrition schedule, warm-ups and intervals dialed in. We even know how important proper recovery is to success. But there is a big part of almost everyone’s recovery and maintenance routine that is limited or missing altogether, and that is massage.

Pro cyclists understand the importance of a post-ride massage to speed the breakdown of lactic acid and keep overworked muscles soft and loose and able to maintain proper body alignment. That’s why the pro’s have staff masseurs. Now, no one I know can afford to have a massage therapist work on them after every ride, until now that is, and that massage therapist is you.

The Grid from Trigger Point Performance

The Grid from Trigger Point Performance



Trigger Point Performance products will help you reach and maintain your peak levels of performance. By massaging, strengthening, and toning your muscles (which is what Trigger Point products help you to do), you can push yourself to train harder and longer with superior results. Trigger Point products will help you even if you commute two hours each way to your desk job. For example—by keeping your psoas muscle (responsible for pulling your leg up towards your torso, and often responsible for lower back pain among desk-jockeys) elastic and loose you can easily maintain proper bike posture, increase flexibility, and possibly eliminate back pain. Trigger Point Performance products make this easy.

Just think how happy you would be if you had a massage every day. With Trigger Point, you can make that a reality. Unlock your potential with a Trigger Point kit today.