10 Riding Resolutions for the New Year

1. Join a Regular Group Ride
Sure, there’s plenty to be said for the therapeutic effects of the solo training ride, but don’t sell group rides short. A regular group ride can be a great training tool and can also serve as a great motivator to get out and ride.

2. Set Goals & Accomplish Them
Setting goals can lend your season some much needed perspective. But, setting goals is only half of the equation. Have goals for different intervals throughout your season and focus on accomplishing them one by one. This is the time to get creative, now hop to it! For help tacking your progress, don’t underestimate just how handy a GPS unit can be.

3. Train Smarter – Less Junk Miles
The afternoon noodle may be great for clearing the mind, but it’s not always great for maximizing your training. Focus on making the most of your training time with some targeted workouts and a dedicated schedule.

4. Learn Basic (or Advanced) Bicycle Maintenance
This is the year that you can finally label yourself a home mechanic. Bike repair and maintenance isn’t scary stuff when you take the time to learn the proper techniques. And, with resources like our Learning Center, all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

5. Ride Before Work
Alright, this one might be a little tougher than the rest, but next year, strive to conquer the snooze button and get our for a pre-work spin on a regular basis. Believe me, your body and your mind will thank you.

6. Keep Up On Preventative Maintenance
While preventative maintenance is easy to put off (especially when you can use the time to actually ride), a little investment on the front-end of things can save you time and money when things inevitably do go wrong. Just think, taking five minutes to swap out your chain could save you an hour spent on the side of the road waiting for the poor sod who has to rescue you because you can’t ride back home. Keep spare components on hand and swap them out at regualr service intervals rather than just waiting for something to wrong.

7. Ride In The Rain
A ride in the rain can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. With the right mindset it can be extremely fun and your family will be ecstatic to escape the sound of a trainer for a few hours. The right gear goes a long way towards taming the elements, so the proper investment on the front-end can pay big dividends when the clouds part and the heavens pour down.

8. Keep My Bike(s) Clean & Running Properly
For the vast majority of us cyclists, we tend to ride our bikes hard and put ‘em away wet as, as the saying goes, and unfortunately this practice doesn’t exactly leave your prized steed in fighting shape for your next ride. This year, pledge to take five minutes after every ride to give your bike the TLC it deserves,(Here’s a few products to get you headed in the right direction) and it’ll be sure to love you right back.

9. Plan An Epic Ride Somewhere Far Away

Putting a riding trip on the docket can be one of the best thing’s you’ll do all year. A change of venue can make for quite the riding experience, so get the email thread with your riding buddies started now and start racking up those frequent flier miles on the credit card straight away.

10. Ride Bikes More Often & ENJOY IT

More of a good thing is never a bad thing. So above all next year, make sure to get out there and ride more often. Do things right and you’ll have no problem enjoying yourself.