Sound Off: Maghalie Rochette

Action photo Dave McElwaine

Magahlie Rochete FaceAs a pro cyclocross and cross-country racer for the esteemed Luna Chix Team, Maghalie Rochette is hitting it hard this year. After taking second place in the 2014 Canadian Cyclocross Nationals, the Quebec native is looking to continue her success as part of the most dominant, longest-running women’s team ever. Maghalie lives the life most of us can only dream about, and she does it well! Her interests go beyond shredding on a bike to include going fast wherever possible, eating well, and keeping a smile on her face no matter what. Maghalie is welcome on a ride or at pizza night any time! If the chance to trade her blue Luna skinsuit for a yellow jumpsuit and samurai sword ever comes up, we can guess which she’ll choose.

Have you ever seen examples of supernatural phenomena, ie Bigfoot, ghosts, miniature creatures, chupacabra, etc? Unfortunately, I haven’t had this chance yet!

Dawn patrol or evening ride? If I had the opportunity to do a Dawn patrol, I would definitely jump on it and hope to find an interesting piece of information concerning the enemy (whoever it might be). Evening rides are fun, but I can do them every night.

Have you ever used your bike as a getaway vehicle? One time I tried to get away from a bee that wanted to sting me. I took my hand off the handlebar while going downhill to push the bee away. Result: As I slapped the bee on my leg, she stung me on my hand and on my leg and I crashed over the bars.

If you had to ride with bad brakes or bad suspension, which one would it be? Bad suspension.

Best cycling innovation? Electronic lockout on Fox forks.

Last meal? Pizza, and hopefully I get to make it in an awesome wood fired oven.

Favorite piece of cycling kit? Long sleeve jerseys are cool I think.

Favorite place to ride? So many awesome places that it is hard to choose just one! I will go with my top two places I discovered last year: Squamish in BC and Brevard in North Carolina.

Who are your heroes or role models? Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill.

Pizza, burrito, or ice cream? What would be on/in the perfect one? Pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert! Depending on which mood I’m in, the toppings change… But Georgia’s special pizza is delicious: Garlic oil, prosciutto, figs, pine nuts, arugula, balsamic reduction and parmesan cheese.

Favorite Orbea product? Orbea Oiz.

Cross-train or ride more? I love changing it up sometimes. Cross train.

Catharine Pendrel or Yoko Teute? Catharine.

What was your first bike? 24-inch wheeled Trek mountain bike with no suspension.

Websites you check everyday? Training Peaks, Instagram, Facebook, TheKitchn.

Skid, jump, or turn? Jump.

Surf, bike, or ski? All of them.

What are you most grateful for? Being able to live the life I live: Travelling the world with awesome people to ride and race my bike in beautiful places as well as having a loving and fun family.

Advice for the masses? Keep it fun and don’t always go as fast as you can. Riding easy can be fun sometimes and also very good as it allows you to go even faster the day after!

What can you not live without? Food and being outside.

Three things that make up your perfect day? Good food, fun ride, hanging out with people I love and cooking.

Why do you get out of bed every morning? To eat breakfast!