Specialized-Lululemon Team Comes to Art’s to Raise Awareness for Women’s Cycling

Women’s cycling. Ask any average joe walking down the street if there’s such a thing as women’s professional cycling and odds are he’ll have no clue. Sure he’ll probably have seen Tour de France highlights depicting Lycra-clad men deep in the pain cave, but any familiarity with women’s cycling probably isn’t even on the menu. Why? Because we haven’t even given it a chance.

Sure, most women’s sports are far from being on equal terms with their male counterparts in terms of the recognition and support they receive, though cycling in particular seems to suffer the most in this regard. A tough sponsor climate has left many women’s teams with no option but to fold, or with not much more than a less than certain future.

But sponsorship is only half the battle, a lack of actual races doesn’t help the cause either.

Aiming to change that however, is the Women’s Cycling Association, whose goal is “developing and advancing the state of women’s cycling in the United States.” Formed in 2013 by professional women cyclists Robin Farina and Janel Holcomb, the WCA is still in its infancy, but that’s not to diminish its ambitions. Off to a running start, the organization has enjoyed successful attendance of it’s JoinTheRide Tour headlined by riders from the Specialized-lululemon team.

Between Specialized's videography team and the local news station, the ride was pretty well documented.

Art’s Cyclery was pleased to host the Tour’s latest stop this past weekend in San Luis Obispo. With over 150 riders and local news crews in attendance, the ride was a smashing success with riders coming from all over the state for a chance to ride with some of the United States’ top female riders like Evelyn Stevens and Carmen Small.

For more information regarding the Women’s Cycling Association be sure to click here.

We had a great turnout at the Art's Cyclery headquarters.

Pre-ride coffee courtesy of Black Horse Coffee, engaging chit-chat courtesy of Team Specialized-lululemon

The Specialized-lululemon riders weren't the only quick riders who turned out for the ride.