Summertime Mountain Biking in San Luis Obispo

We here at Art’s Cyclery love Summer for all the same reasons you do—warmth, extra hours to ride before and after work everyday, more time to enjoy friends and family, and that incredible evening light that just makes everything seem perfect. Riding bikes during those magic summertime evenings will put anyone in a good mood and make you thankful to be a mountain biker. Not that road rides on Summer evenings aren’t fantastic as well, but there’s something about the sun’s ray’s hitting the dirt, shining through trees, and lighting the trails of dust your buddy kicks up as they race down the trail ahead of you. Here are a couple of shots to get you in the mood for some evening rides this weekend. Check out our incredible deals on Intense 909 and DH tires and put a spark into your trail riding with Intense’s top-tier rubber.

Warehouse manager Jon W. enjoying the last bit of light.

Warehouse manager Jon Whisenand enjoying the last bit of light. Photo Lucien Gamache

Jon W., racing the sunset. Photo Lucien Gamache

Jon Whisenand, racing the sunset. Photo Lucien Gamache