The Commute

With the government’s plan to increase taxes on oil and gasoline, and our own state’s attempt to hike the gasoline tax, petrol prices aren’t going to get any cheaper. But there is a solution. Ride your bike! As a cyclist and nature enthusiast (more trails!) you owe it to yourself to get that extra bit of fitness and save yourself some extra dough in the process, not to mention it’s better for the environment. No, driving a Prius doesn’t let you off the hook – there’s no way of safely disposing of your monstrous battery; besides, they cost about $30k. So riding more really is the only solution.

Last time I went to the pump, it cost me $40 to fill my tank, and with my commute, I fill up once a week. For the math challenged out there that turns into $160 a month! As much as I love driving my car, I don’t like commuting, and I can think of tons of stuff I’d rather spend $120 on (we’ll assume that I still need to fill up once a month).  Or I could save that money.  In 3 months I’d have enough for some killer Zero Gravity brakes. In only two months I could replace all my cables, my chain, cassette and chainrings.  None of us do this often enough and our bikes would ride so much better if we did.  Or I could pay off some debt.  Most of us have some.  Don’t forget that “the borrower is slave to the lender”- Proverbs 22:7.  So how much money could you save by riding to work?  What could you do with it?  The possibilities are endless, but hopefully I’ve encouraged you to get on your bike more, if only for financial reasons.  But hey, money talks.

So how does one outfit their bike for commuting?  The easiest way is to grab a backpack, stuff it with clothes and be on your way.  But if you want to look legit, you’ll get yourself some Planet Bike Speedez fenders to keep the mud and water off your back. Continental Ultra Gatorskins are a great road tire with oodles of protection from road hazards, or slap some Town & Countrys on your mountain bike for low rolling resistance. Jandd has a full line of seat bags and panniers depending on how much you need to carry and you can mount those panniers on a Blackburn Rack. Lights are very important in the winter months and Cateye carries many great models. Last but certainly not least, cover your back with a mirror. With so many battery powered cars these days, you can’t trust your ears to let you know when one’s behind you. If you do in fact decide to overhaul your drivetrain, has everything you need at the best prices. Right now you can get a free Oakley T-shirt with any pair of Oakley optics. Found it cheaper somewhere else? Just let us know and we’ll match it. We’re in the business of making happy cyclists, and a riding cyclist is a happy cyclist. So get out there and represent!

Hammer On