Watch Out for Thieves!

First, I owe you all an apology. Our blogging over the past couple of weeks has been pitiful, but there is a reason. First, I’ve been out taking care of my new baby girl (our first), and second, Brad took a Hawaiian vacation. We’re back now, and ready to make up for lost time. But first, a word of caution to you all.

My wife and I have worked out a program where one of us rides the trail  and the other one walks the trail with the baby; that way we both get out of the house, get some exercise, and get some baby time. Well, when we returned from one of our walk/ride adventures, the baby needed some serious cleaning, if you know what I mean. Leaving my bike on the car rack, I quickly took  her into the house for a cleansing and clothing change, expecting to take my bike in after. 10 minutes later when I walked back outside to retrieve my bike, all I saw was an empty rack… Now, I’ve left my bike racked up in my driveway many times before, once even leaving it out over night by mistake, only to find it shivering, but still there, the next morning, so this was a complete shock. Anyway, after driving around looking for it, alerting all the local bike shops, neighborhood kids, and filing a police report, I tried to think positive and pick out the parts for my new ride.

This story has a happy ending, in that a friend of a friend found my bike ditched in a field next to his house, only one street over from mine. A couple of phone calls reunited me with my Bionicon Edison, and I didn’t even miss my turn in the walk/ride rotation with my wife!

The moral of the story is, of course, never leave your bike unattended, which we all know is sometimes impossible. When you purchase a rack, make sure you go with a reputable company like Thule, who offers a quality product and excellent security systems for their racks. And finally, when wondering if it’s OK to leave your bike out-of-sight and unlocked, even for a few minutes, ask yourself if you can afford to replace it.