Check Your Pulse. 10 Must-Follow Cycling Accounts on Instagram.

Keeping up to date with the times, the media, and the industry can be a daunting task, nearly warranting a full-time position. Instead of spending hours amidst bottomless feeds on the Internet, maybe we can help by giving you a list of 10 folks within the bike industry that are absolutely worth a Follow.

#1) The Radavist (@theradavist) – Based out of Austin, TX, John Watson sums up everything cycling…or rather, every hip thing in cycling. CX. Handbuilt bicycles. Riding in flannel without helmets. Coffee. L.A. Well-tailored clothing. If design met cycling, John Watson is what happened.

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#2) The Grubers (@jeredgruber / @ashleygruber) – Grand Tour coverage and all-around road cyclist photo gatherers. Strava bloggers as well. Beautiful photos showing massive amounts of suffering in stunning locations. Husband and wife power duo of most things road bike related, including their personal lives.

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#3) Anna Maria and Tayler (@prettydamnedfast) – “Women’s cycling in all of its forms, especially when it’s done with style.” We’d call that appropriate. Fashion, design, and cycling. From meet-ups to guides, from nutrition to gear, this is everything for all women cyclists.

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#4) Josh Bryceland (@ratboy_bryce) –UCI World Cup Downhill Champ and Steve Peat’s prodigy, Ratboy is just good fun. Raw talent, motorbikes, downhill bikes, dirt jump, and a dirty accent that nearly requires translation.

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#5) VitalMTB (@vitalmtb) – Everything mountain bike related. Products, Reviews, Forums, Press Releases, Profiles, Videos, Photos,  and sspomer + bturman supercombo. The one-stop-shop for mountain biking.

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#7) Velocio Sports (@velociosports) – This team is arguably the strongest, winningest team on the female racing circuit. This team was previously host to Ina-Yoko Teutenberg and Evelyn Stevens and now has powerhouses like Loren Rowney, Tiffany Cromwell, and Lisa Brennauer. Powerful and inspirational women at the top of their game.

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#8) VeloNews (@velonews) or Peloton Magazine (@pelotonmagazine) – If you’d call yourself a “road biker”, then these accounts are for you. Industry news, comprehensive race coverage from across the globe, food, articles,…everything you could ever want out of road bike coverage in one spot.

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#9) Emiliano Granado (@manualforspeed) – Bizarre, fantastic, honest, and sometimes brutal. Emiliano and his crew provide coverage of what they call “The Greatest Spectacle on Earth.”

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#10) Ryan Wilson (@rmdub) – Gorgeous cycle-based photography coming out of California. This account seems to be synonymous with the hashtag #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam Bicycles amongst landscapes so beautiful, you’ll be motivated to leave your day job instantly.

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We have attempted to manicure a rather well-rounded list of creative, fun, inspirational, and informative people who are somehow linked to the cycling world in some small fashion or another and we hope you enjoy them. If you feel so inclined as to Follow us, take a look @artscyclery