Six Cycling Blogs to Bookmark

There are many ways to waste your time online reading about riding bikes, or watching others ride theirs, rather than getting out on one.  Industry websites, Instagram accounts, and personal blogs are present in such abundance that an entire day could easily slip away as you sat in the radioactive glow of your personal face-sucking device “living” vicariously through the words and actions of others.

Even though I work at a bike shop, most of my day is spent in front of a computer producing witty, engaging, and informative content for you, our beloved fans and customers. Naturally, being online for so many hours allows me to see the best and worst of online bicycle entertainment.  While I would hate to deprive you of the joy of discovering for yourself which blogs are best-suited for your tastes, in the interest of conserving some of your precious time, I’d like to pass on six of my favorite cycling blogs, in no particular order.

Cyclocosm Pro Cycling

Cosmo Catalano first earned a bookmark on my browser thanks to his brilliant “How the Race was Won” race reviews, which are full of humor and insight. Whether it’s a frame grab that highlights an errant water bottle toss that caused a crash or team leaders sitting up when they should be fighting to stay with the group, the “masking highlights” are a signature feature. Cosmo gets it. His output has dropped a bit as of late, which is a tragedy for us, but hopefully means he’s deservedly on to greener pastures.

Bike Snob

Unconcerned with calling out anyone or anything that deviates from his view of what’s necessary, superfluous, and affected, the Bike Snob curates a compendium of word arrangements making up what is likely the most popular cycling blog on the internet. While much of my enjoyment comes from the Snob’s lambasting of deserving cycling-related Kickstarter campaigns, he also raises questions (and presents answers to) serious issues. Famous for introducing words such as “salmoning” into the greater lexicon, the Bike Snob’s wordsmithery is a joy to read.

All Hail the Black

Front Range survivor and alleged misogynist Stevil Kinevil keeps the flame of juvenalia burning brightly while he does all a d-bag bike blogger can to further the cause of cycling and cyclists everywhere. Stevil loves to ride bikes, appreciates all that cycling is, spreads the good word about issues and events you otherwise wouldn’t know about, and does it with great writing. Plus, the merchandise section is full of limited-edition goodness.

Alps & Andes (formerly Cycling Inquisition)

Since switching monikers, Alps & Andes has broadened its scope from Columbian cycling, to cycling in general. Most of the posts still focus on the hotbed of Columbian cycling, and provide insight deeper than any other source I’ve seen. Klaus Bellon Gaitán’s writing is superb, full of the authenticity of a man in love with cycling.


Mostly a product review blog, is the go-to resource when shopping for or using cycling electronics. GPS, trainers, power meters, lights, cameras, MP3 players, even body weight scales are used, punished and reported on. In-depth reviews, along with cool tips & tricks, make this site a must-have on your bookmark list.

The Keepers of the Cog may seem to take themselves and cycling very seriously, even going so far as to record the long list of unspoken rules that hardcore cyclists live their lives by, but every once in a while the wink of an eye and the crack of a smile make their way through. Entertaining (and often thought-provoking) articles on a variety of subjects—somehow always relating to cycling—along with total devotion to the sport and lifestyle, positions Velominati as the online coffee shop of cycling.

Honorable Mention:


Soulful and heartfelt. If you can find the podcasts, give them a listen: they are golden.


Cynical and superior, yet endearingly self-deprecating when appropriate, Charlie Sponsel calls out everyone and everything both lame and rad in mountain biking.