Tour | Fox Head Global Headquarters–Irvine, CA

When you are in the business of design, the design of your business speaks volumes regarding your ability to deliver a winning product. Fox Head, aka Fox Racing, understands this and has put a remarkable amount of time, thought, and resources into developing their global design headquarters in Irvine, California. After four long years of construction, which involved tearing down the existing structure to its frame, Fox turned this run down office building in a veritable sea of white stucco office parks into something very special. Fox put together this video showing all the work that went into making this vision a reality.

The driving force behind the architectural design was the desire to develop a space that encouraged collaboration and creativity while celebrating elements and attitudes of the sports Fox Head supports. On the creativity/collaboration front, Fox installed an abundant selection of seating locations throughout the building meant to encourage impromptu creative meetings.IMG_1348

Each is inspiring while also being open so that if others walking by overhear the discussion and have something to add, they can jump right into the conversation. For those moments when privacy is required a red glassed in conference room (one of many colored glass conference rooms) is available to make plans for world domination.

When a designer or copywriter is completely stumped or needs to break away from their work for a moment, Fox Head has outfitted a library encased in glass where workers can go to quietly research or resolve a design challenge. Every book in the library provides information relating to the kinds of jobs that Fox employees are working on. There are books on motocross history, mountain biking, design, and even business management primers.IMG_1361

Lunches and other breaks are taken in either a huge, well outfitted food prep and dining area or at the large outdoor patio located behind the building. This same patio area is used to teach free yoga and fitness boot camps to employees. If yoga and aerobics aren’t your thing, the mini moto track is there to provide a seriously fun physical challenge. A pump track is under construction for mountain bikers that would rather work their way around the track instead of twisting a mini moto throttle.IMG_1389

While it is hard to say how much an edifice like this influences the design of the jerseys, shorts, gloves, body armor, and helmets that Fox creates, no one can deny that the designs Fox has been turning out are anything but top notch. The same goes for the inspiration that Fox’s designs offer to those who use their product to perform at their best. Between Fox Head riders such as 2014 World Cup DH Overall winner Josh Bryceland, 2013 World Cup DH Overall Champ Stevie Smith, and 2014 Crankworks Whip Off World Champ Fin Iles, and 2013 Red Bull Rampage winner Kyle Strait, Fox is definitely doing something right.

Take a look at the gallery below for an inside look at what makes Fox tick.