Top Five Anti-Bicycling Websites

During a successful May Bike Month in San Luis Obispo—much thanks to Rideshare—we had a chance to learn about the many bicycle advocacy groups out there standing up for our rights as cyclists. People for Bikes, the League of American Bicyclists, IMBA, and our own Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers are all fighting the good fight to increase our safety and expand trail and road access.

There are also, unfortunately, individuals out there who decidedly do not have the good of cyclists in mind, and they have websites as well. Covering the spectrum from reasoned arguments to hopelessly deranged, these sites are worth a look for their entertainment value alone. If you are at work, try not to laugh out loud as you visit these sites.

Old Downhillers

This is apparently what all mountain bikers on public trails look like.

Safe Trails—The original anti-mountain biker website from the bitterly contested trail network of Santa Barbara’s front country. There are actually some thoughtful arguments that merit discussion on this site, but the author loses some credibility after the claim that as a group, mountain bikers are more likely to engage in “drug usage, law breaking, risky driving, heavier alcohol usage and risky sex.” Check out Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers for some sanity after Safe Trails.


Cycling is for Commies


Spare the Road—Straddling the line between insanity and parody is Spare the Road, as this character analysis shows; “Most cyclists are sad and lonely people who have failed at life. Their careers (if you can call bagging groceries a career) are going nowhere, their families are ashamed of them, and other than getting together with other pathetic losers to ride bikes, they have no personal life to speak of.” If this is satire, then bravo. If this is how one angry individual sees the world, however, then humanity is in big trouble.

There is a Perfectly Good Bike Path Right Next to the Road You Stupid Cyclist—As a Facebook page, TIAPGBPRNTTRYSC is subject to the basest comments from cyclist-hating internet-tough guys everywhere, but that is what makes it so intriguing. Is there really this much hatred out there? And is it just because we look good in Lycra?

The Psychology of Mountain Biking—This one is a little painful, as the back story of the author’s long-term commitment to ridding the world of mountain bikes is somewhat sad. However, the assertion that “the first thing one notices about mountain bikers is that they lie continually,” and that “mountain biking also provides very bad role modeling for our children,” makes the views expressed by the author open for comical interpretation.


Fliz Bike

Where will this madness end?

Fliz Bike—Undeniably, without a doubt, the Fliz Concept Bike is the most detrimental thing to happen to cycling since the ElliptiGO. Seriously, this can only be the result of a diabolical scheme to make cycling so dorky and inefficient that we will all just quit riding bikes.