Meet The Bloggers – Brad

Meet The Bloggers – Brad2013-09-05T16:05:21-08:00

Brad Smith - Components Buyer

Job Title: Components Buyer
Currently Riding: Intense Tracer 275
Art’s Cyclery Employee since 2006

Brad broke his first bike at the age of 4, separating the headtube from the rest of the frame on an endo off a homemade plywood jump. Since then he’s never stopped riding, getting his first “job” at a bike shop working for bmx parts. With a long background in BMX and Mountain Biking, Brad enjoys a good climb and a great descent regardless of whether he’s riding road or mountain.

Brad has over a decade of bike shop experience, half of which was spent wrenching. He graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BA in Music, his other love. When he’s not slaying the mountains, you’ll typically find Brad playing his guitar, hanging out with his wife and kids, or discussing the finer points of home coffee roasting with Luke Gamache.