2017 Bell Super 3R

There’s some big news out of Scott’s Valley; the helmet that made removable chin bars a viable choice, the Bell Super 2R, has been refined and updated with new graphics and safety features. From the outside, aesthetics are the only difference, but in reality, the Super 3R is quite a different beast.

Bell Super3R Wall

2017 Bell Super 3R line up.

Addition of a MIPS slip plane is the most noticeable change, but there’s another key alteration. Some wearers of the Bell Super 2R are familiar with the tight fit around the temples, which of course depends on individual head shape, but is a common enough complaint that Bell took notice. Plus, with the addition of MIPS, the fit gets even tighter. In order to remedy the temple pressure points problem and make room for the MIPS, a new, roomier inner head form was made. Because the amount of foam in the helmet stays the same, Bell refined the outer shape to keep a low-bulk look.

Bell Super 3R Womens

Bell Super 3R Women’s.

In case you own a Super 2R and suffer from tight temple syndrome, the chin bar-less Super 3 will fit your current 2R chin bar.

Bell Super 3R Black

The Super 3 and 3R include a removable light/GoPro mount.

 Unlike the new Giro Switchblade, the Super 3R with chin bar removed leaves you a regular, above the ears, “half-shell” helmet.

Look for the Bell Super 3R (with chinbar) and Super 3 (without chinbar) in-store and online at Art’s Cyclery soon.

Bell Super 3R Front

2017 Bell Super 3R with Float Fit retention system visible.