Ask a Mechanic: Service and Maintain Your Kind Shock Lev Dropper Post

I’ve had a Kind Shock Lev on my bike for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be operating as smoothly as it used to. Is there some maintenance I should be doing to my post?

The Kind Shock Lev is one of the most popular dropper seatposts on the market. To get the most out of your post while keeping it operating smoothly trouble free, you’ll need to perform some basic maintenance. The service is fairly simple and should be done roughly every 3 months. Here’s how to service your post.

Start by extending the post and disconnecting the cable. Check the coupler housing to make sure that everything is clean and nothing can interfere with the coupler as it moves up and down in the coupler housing. Next, check to make sure that everything on the exterior of the post is tight and hasn’t come loose. On the regular Lev use a strap wrench to tighten the cap at the bottom of the post. On an Integra, use a 22mm wrench to tighten the cable anchor assembly. Next, loosen the collar at the top of the post, and slide the collar up. You may be able to do this by hand but will most likely need to use a strap wrench. Wipe off the post and the inside of the collar to remove any debris or dirty grease that may be there. Once the post is clean, put a dollop of Buzzy’s Slick Honey, which is the only grease that Kind Shock recommends, on the post and slide the collar back down to tighten. After tightening the collar back to the body of the post, cycle the post up and down a few times to distribute the grease. Repeat that process one more time and then double check to make sure the collar is tight after cycling the post a few more times. Wipe off any excess grease and you’re good to go.

There are also some things that you should not do to keep your Lev operating smoothly. Never hang the bike by the saddle when the post is in the down position as this could damage the cartridge. Avoid spraying water directly at the seal on the collar at the top of the post body. Avoiding these things will help prolong the life of the post, and keep it operating properly.