e*thirteen TRS-R Wheelset Prototype Spy Shots

e13 TRS-R WheelsetToday e*thirteen officially announced their new TRS-R wheelset. Featured on the new wheelset are a wider, tougher 23.4mm inner width tubeless compatible Exalite scandium rim, and a rear hub that has been redesigned to provide better sealing, tougher freehub body splines, easier maintenance and lighter weight. All the improvements add up to a drop in weight for the 26″ wheelset that comes to 1560g and saves between 50 and 60 grams compared to the standard TRS+ wheelset. A 650B/27.5 and 29er version will be offered as well. The gold anodized bits are gone and are replaced by improved black and silver anodized parts while graphics are murdered out with a bit of red thrown in to break it up.

Art’s has worked with e*thirteen during the R&D process to provide feedback on their new rim design. We had the opportunity to spend a month wailing on the 29er version of the new rims laced to the older TRS+ hubs serving as a test mule. Our experience with the rims proved that their stiffness was carbon-esque and despite sending the rims off of nearly every jump in on our local trails, they shook off the abuse remarkably well.

e13 TRS-R WheelsetCheck out the gallery for photos of the prototype wheels and a shot of an end stage production sample of the TRS-R wheels. One critical difference between the production sample we photographed and the new wheels that Art’s will have in stock soon, is that the new 10-speed hub will feature a steel freehub body spline reinforcement similar to those found on American Classic hubs. This design smartly protects the alloy freehub body splines from being gouged by the cassette. Of course an all aluminum 11-speed freehub body will be available as well.

For all the details on the new wheels, here is a full list of the new features from e*thirteen product and marketing honcho Todd Bishoff:


  • a bit smaller flange which will have a little effect on stiffness, but we put that back in the rim…
  • 60g lighter than the Plus level
  • Carbon center section and alloy flanges
  • New active freehub seal “pressurizes” inside of the hub to keep water out
  • Stainless steel “anti-gouge” inserts in freehub body to eliminate cassette to freehub “bite”
  • Easy-to-service new axle system; can be taken apart with only a 3mm wrench


  • 30% stiffer than previous rim
  • 25% more material in the sidewalls to prevent dents
  • Now compatible with tires up to 2.5″


  • Lighter than TRS+ wheelset by 5% – only 1560g per set
  • Rim is 30% stiffer
  • Better Dent resistance
  • Improved Weather Sealing