Fresh Catch

The UPS truck just dropped off a load of goodies. Among them are some shiny new spinning hoops, a fancy chain-management device, the latest iteration of a wire-free classic, and the easiest way to store your bike since leaning it against the wall.

Here are the new Fulcrum Racing Zero Competition clinchers.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Competition Wheelset

The Comp wheelset is a limited edition wheelset that adds two major upgrades, CULT bearings and a rear hub shell that drops 40 grams over the standard version and widens the spokes stance.


SRAM’s new Type 2 rear derailleur will help make dropped chains and chain slap a thing of the past.

SRAM Type 2 X0 Derailleur

Chain slap and dropped chains are now just a memory with the X0 clutch-controlled mech.


Dependable, wireless transmission of cycling data on the cheap is what the Cateye Micro Wireless has been doing for years.


Storing your bike in the Feedback Sports RAKK Bike Holder is actually easier than laying your bike on the ground… Much safer, too.

Feedback Sports RAKK Closed

The Feedback Sports RAKK bike stand folds up flat...

Feedback Sports RAKK Open

...and opens up easily to securely hold your bikes rear wheel.