How (Not) To | Lube Your Mountain Bike

Each component on your bike has a different job to do and requires a different lubricant to function at its best. In this video we go over our top lubrication product picks for each application. Meanwhile the humorists at VitalMTB throw in their take on what not to do.

Here is a list of our favorite lubrication products organized by application:

Chain lube: WD-40 Dry Chain Lube (dry conditions), Chain-L Bicycle Chain Oil (wet conditions)

Bearing grease: Shimano Dura Ace Grease (dry conditions), Phil Wood Waterproof Grease (wet conditions)

Assembly grease: Pro Gold EPX Grease

Suspension fork seals: Forumla D Suspension Syrup (for regular maintenance), Buzzy’s Slick Honey (for overhauls)

Shifter internals: Boeshield T9 Aerosol

Derailleur pivots: TriFlow Superior Teflon Chain Lube