Interbike 2013: Lezyne Lights the Way Into 2014

It’s always nice to see another San Luis Obispo company at Interbike, especially one with the commitment to quality and impressive products that Lezyne displays year after year. For their 2014 line, Lezyne focused on making their existing light models as rad as humanly possible by increasing the side visibility, improving the mounting designs and beefing up their lumen outputs. Even after accomplishing all that, they still managed to add the new Hecto Drive front and rear, the Zecto Drive front and rear, the Zecto Drive Pro and the Deca Drive lights to their already impressive arsenal. Click to check out the highlights and more photos of Lezyne’s 2014 line. 

The Lezyne Femto Drive front and rear light received a face lift for 2014. Lezyne extended the reflector out past the aluminum casing so that both the front and rear light can be viewed from the side. This keeps you more visible and safer out on the road. Lezyne is also offering the Femto in three new colors so you can match nearly any bike. The tiny light puts out 15 lumens in the front and 7 in the back.

The Femto Drive, the Micro Drive and the Macro Drive all feature updated mounts which allow you to mount the light using the included elastic strap or clip it to a backpack, pocket, belt or saddlebag. The Micro Drive and the Macro Drive front lights both get a 50 lumen boost from last year to 200 and 350 lumens respectively.

Lezyne’s new 2014 models include the Hecto, Zecto, Zecto Pro and Deca drives. The Hecto is a more budget friendly, less powerful version of the Macro Drive and can put out 100 lumens in the front and 15 lumens in the rear. The Zecto Drive was designed to make you as visible as possible to cars and other cyclists, using 3 leds to put out 80 lumens in the front and 20 lumens in the rear. The Zecto Drive Pro takes it one step further by combining both the front and rear lights into one body and allowing you to toggle between them. The new Deca Drive is Lezyne’s latest performance model, throwing out 800 whopping lumens of light so you never miss a beat on the trail. It is second in output only to Lezyne’s Mega drive at 1200 lumens.

Whatever your style of riding, Lezyne has a light to help you see and be seen in 2014.