Interbike 2013: New From Bar Fly

Woody Tate, owner and engineer over at Tate Labs and creator of the Bar Fly, had some very clever new products to show us at Interbike. His innovations include a Garmin Edge mount to fit the 35mm standards for both road and mountain handlebars, a brand new Go Pro Hero 3 Mount and his self proclaimed “Anti-Saddle Bag.”

The new Bar Fly Go Pro Hero 3 mount was released at Interbike and it is by far the cleanest I’ve seen for the popular action camera. It uses two tension clips on either side of the stem to center the camera directly in front of the face plate, giving you that perfect, uninhibited shot. The best part is that it keeps the camera out of the way better than most other mounts we’ve seen so you can focus on going faster and making that video more interesting.

Tate may have started Bar Fly with a Garmin mount but he hasn’t ignored the fact that Garmin’s competition needs mounts too. He has been hard at work creating mounts for the major cycling computers, including the Powertap Joule, Soleus Draft and the Cateye Stealth.

One of his “kookier” new products, the Hopper Saddle Bag, or the “Anti-Saddle Bag” as Tate calls it, was developed out of his own frustrations with the seat dangling, essential tube and tool carriers currently on the market. His minimalist solution involves just two straps which work together to hold a spare tube tight to your saddle or you can hold more if you use a coffee bag and then the straps. He told me you might even see it at your local Starbucks in the future. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the new innovations from Bar Fly.