Interbike 2013: Stan’s ZTR Valor Carbon Tubeless Rim

There are a whole slew of professional riders that swear by Stan’s hoops including Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton. We talked to the creator himself in an attempt to figure out why Stan’s No Tubes rims and tubeless tire sealant have gained such a big name following and why everyone from the Athertons to the average recreational rider can pilot them with confidence. Stan, the passionate and eloquent man that he is, was happy to tell us it is because he, “is making products that no one else in the world has and [to him] it is just common sense.” The most recent result of Stan’s revolutionary common sense? The ZTR Valor carbon tubeless rim.

Being a Cross Country racing rim, you probably won’t see the Atherton’s running a set of Valor rims anytime soon but, they are made with the same precision and consistency that the professionals have come to expect from Stan’s. The Valor is available in 26″ (1,170g), 27.5″ (1,200g), and 29″ (1,230g) and is the first carbon fiber rim designed specifically to be used tubeless. Stan’s meticulous attention to detail and high tolerances have created a wheelset that is lighter, laterally stiffer and vertically more compliant than the competition. This means that you get better lateral stiffness numbers than even Stan’s own aluminum rims and a wheelset with engineered suspension to absorb impacts. The Valor rim is designed to help you roll faster.

Another feature that Stan’s rims have become known for are their incredibly short sidewalls. These short sidewalls, when paired with the increased width of their Bead Socket Technology rims, allow for a higher tire volume. This increased tire volume decreases the rolling resistance and gives you grip and speed in the corners that you won’t believe. And just because this is an XC wheelset, doesn’t mean it lacks durability. Each spoke hole is reinforced for fatigue resistance and strength.

Look closely at the reinforced area around the spoke hole.

Stan has fulfilled all the major demands of a cross country racer with the Valor rim. The strength, light weight, lateral stiffness and vertical compliance result in a precisely engineered, incredibly fast rolling wheelset that I’m guessing took a little more than common sense to create.

Bonus Coverage: There were fat bike products galore this year at Interbike an d Stan is not one to miss the boat. He has a fat bike rim in the works to be released next January. We only saw the prototype, which had an incredibly low sidewall and weighs in at approximately 487g. Stan claims to have ridden them as low as 2.5psi with no issues!