Let Us Entertain You!

There are some good times in store for you here this Friday. We’re branching out to four-wheeled vehicles, P-Tex-bottomed planks, thrusters, quads, carabiners, and running shoes.


Lets get to the internal combustion first. We know it’s not bicycle-related, but there is a two-wheeled vehicle in here, and there are lots of bicycles in San Francisco. Plus… C’mon, it’s just awesome! It’s long, but it goes by quickly.


Next up is another vulgar display of power on paved roads. This time it’s on two-wheeled, human-powered machines. The Red Bull Road Rage was originally dreamed up by our friend Jon Mesko and run on Tuna Canyon in Malibu, California. It’s since grown into a global event.


After I watched this next video I decided I actually wanted a 29’er for my next bike. Then Jon reminded me that Brad Benedict would probably be that fast on a tricycle, too. (Qualifier:29’ers are great, I have ridden many and enjoyed them all. I’m just not ready to own one yet!)


Finally, here’s a clip with some other activities you might partake in, or at least be interested in watching. Plus it’s a good way to support the IMBA and other organizations that fight for your right to recreate.