Let Us Entertain You!

We are a little MTB-heavy this week—it’s kind of hard to find exciting, fresh road videos, please let me know if you have a secret stash—so let’s start with the only pavement-oriented display we have this week.

Just in case you were thinking that any of today’s pro road cyclists were hardmen (a term thrown around a bit too loosely), here’s a little reminder that the last person to ride a road bike for money who deserved that title was Eddy Merckx. Imagine any of todays top stars tackling the hour record just for fun, and crushing it.


OK, OK. Here’s one more “road video.”


Oh, here’s another road video… Just kidding… With the Olympics starting soon, let’s take a look at the decidedly tame MTB course. This video highlights the most challenging sections. Spectator-friendly is the key description of this course.

Here’s a link to a video of the entire course.

Finally, this is why Robbie Bourdon is a mountain bike legend.