MarshGuard Fenders Now Available From Art’s Cyclery

Just in time for the muddy ravages of the late fall and winter riding seasons, Art’s Cyclery now has MarshGuard fenders in stock and available for purchase. If you are a fan of the Enduro World Series or Downhill World Cup racing, then you already know about the MarshGuard, because nearly everyone on those race circuits runs one of these.

Marsh Guard 2Designed by Greg Minnaar’s World Cup DH race mechanic, Jason Marsh; the 32 gram MarshGuard not only keeps heavy mud from building up on your bike or spraying in your eyes, it protects your fork stanchions and seals. Once dirt, sand, and mud get into a fork seal, it is only a matter of time before you have a scratched stanchion, a leaky seal, and a sticky fork. At $14, the MarshGuard is a good investment as it prevents hundreds of dollars in fork damage and the associated labor costs to repair it.

For riders that need even more protection from mud and water, MarshGuard makes the Stash fender extension to catch water that comes off the front end of the MarshGuard and directs it downward.

You can buy your MarshGuard or MarshGuard Stash by clicking on the highlighted links.