Sea Otter 2014: Kind Shock Dropper Posts and Handlebars

Amid the dust and manualling downhillers at the Sea Otter Classic Expo, Kind Shock was happily bbq’ing tilapia and showing off some great new products. Included was their updated Integra line that boasts a new cable anchor and linkage arrangement that should completely eliminate any unwanted triggering of the post’s hydraulics. This assembly has also been beefed up considerably which should increase durability.

The new lightweight xc oriented KS Integra Ci dropper post makes use of a carbon post but sacrifices travel (limited to 65mm) and post diameter options. Sorry Epic owners, no 27.2 option.

ks ether carbon handlebarKS is also getting into the handlebar market and had a few handsome offerings. With an understated black on black graphics, Kind Shock’s Ether line will look sharp on any bike. Both carbon and aluminum versions are on offer and claimed weights are impressively low. Their carbon enduro bar is just 207 grams at 780mm wide. Upsweep and backsweep are claimed as 4 and 9 degrees respectively. However, the backsweep looked to me to be more like 11-12 degrees. If competing offerings with more traditional sweeps don’t work for you, the KS Ether looks like a great potential solution.