Troy Lee Designs Showroom and Factory Tour

Troy Lee Designs invited us to tour its Corona, California facility to see what makes this creative company tick. We have always been very impressed with TLD apparel and it was great to meet the people behind the designs.This group includes graphic artists, painters, product developers and Troy Lee himself. I was amazed to learn that Troy rides his mountain bike every morning before coming to work and offers his input on the many projects that are in process at this busy office.

There are two things that Peaty loves: going fast, and downing Stella.

Historically, motorsports have been the mainstay of Troy Lee’s business since the brand’s inception with its mountain bike product line taking a back seat. That time appears to be coming to an end. The depth and breadth of TLD’s MTB offerings has rapidly expanded over the last few years and I am told that next year we will have a bumper crop of new MTB product to salivate over.

To understand the inspiration that fuels that product line you don’t have to look far at the Troy Lee facility. There is racing history everywhere. This isn’t b-level or obscure stuff either. One standout item was Steve Peat’s 2004 World Cup Overall winning D2 helmet. There were a lot of Brian Lopes items such as one of his World Cup Overall winning 4x bike as well as some of his first DH helmets from the early nineties. Of course no mention of Troy Lee’s mountain bike history would be complete without mentioning Shawn Palmer and the indelible legacy that his presence brought to the mountain bike world. One of his helmets from the bullet head era was on display with the gold leaf treatment that features often in Tory Lee custom paint jobs, and that Palmer is certainly a fan of.

Getting an inside look at such a legendary company was a real treat and we will have interviews to follow with Troy Lee mountain bike product designers and even an artist that creates the custom D3 helmet paint jobs worn by the world’s fastest racers. So check back to the Art’s blog for the full skinny.