Video Interview With Georgia Gould

2012 Olympic Games Women’s Mountain Biking Bronze Medalist Georgia Gould chats with Art’s Cyclery about her experience at the Olympics, what got her started racing, and some nutrition tips from one of the fastest female mountain bikers on the planet. The Luna Pro Team member is the reigning U.S. mountain bike national champ and has stood on the national championship podium every year for the last seven years. Gould is also a serious threat as a cyclocross racer and has achieved podium finishes at each of the five national championships she has entered. We witnessed her prowess while riding behind her as she piloted her Fox Racing Shox, Shimano XTR, and Maxxis Tire equipped Orbea bike throughout the day we spent with her.

Her results prove her ferocity as a competitor, but she completely dispelled the myth that Olympic athletes are humorless, steely-eyed athletes. A great story she told us off camera pertained to a former teammate at the Sea Otter Classic many years ago. At this time she was racing for Trek and watched her teammate approach Gary Fisher completely oblivious to who he was. As usual Fisher was outfitted in some outrageous apparel and was soaking in the vibe. The conscientious teammate decided to make this “newcomer” feel welcomed at this big event so she walked up, introduced herself, offered her hand to shake and asked, “What’s your name?” “I’m Gary Fisher,” the slightly confused bicycle legend (and Trek partner) replied. Still oblivious, the teammate continued, “Nice to meet you Gary! So are you here to do some racing?” As she told the story Georgia would intermittently pause to release one of her signature chuckling guffaws to punctuate each moment as she pantomimed the whole conversation that included a hilarious impersonation of Gary Fisher’s voice.

It was great to meet Georgia and get a chance to ride with her. We wish her the best of luck in her races this year.