Winning Meals for Cyclists

What is the most important piece of cycling gear you own? The 150mm, air-sprung, rapid-radness fork? The high-end La-Z-Boy bibs? GPS Strava-Stroke computer? The answer, my friends, is in your kitchen. Without putting high-quality fuel in your engine, all the above-mentiond doo-dads are just jewelry. Underneath a well-fed cyclist, however, they are the keys to Nirvana. Oh, the most important piece of cycling gear you own is, obviously, the wok.

This week’s meal can be thrown together in about half an hour, and is loaded with all the good stuff you need; complex carbs, protein, fiber, anti-oxidants and the trace elements that feed a healthy machine. It’s descriptively called Sprouted Tofu on Brown Rice Noodles with Vegetables.

Sprouted Tofu with Brown Rice Noodles and Vegetables

A healthy, simple meal that will fuel you up for tomorrow’s ride. Bon appetite!

First, put on some water to boil for the brown rice noodles, and put the wok on a medium high burner. When the wok gets hot, drizzle enough canola oil to coat the bottom and lower one-quarter of the bowl. While the water heats up, complete the rest of your prep work. First the Swiss chard—separate the leaves from the stalks. Rinse the leaves several times in a salad spinner to get all the organic farmer’s market goodness off of them. SAVE THE STALKS! We will be adding those to the mix. Next, clean/peel some green onions, garlic cloves, and ginger, and dice them up along with the Swiss chard stalks, and finely chop the chard leaves. Cube the spouted tofu.

Winning Meals for Cyclists

Prepped green onions, Swiss chard, ginger, garlic, and sprouted tofu.

It’s important to use SPROUTED tofu, since it is more easily digested and doesn’t block the uptake of vitamins, as un-sprouted tofu is suspected to do. With about ten minutes left until the noodles are ready, throw the garlic and ginger into the wok, and stir them around until the clumps are gone. In about three minutes, add the cubed tofu and green onions, along with a good splash of Bragg Liquid Aminos all purpose seasoning and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil. Bragg is a great alternative to soy sauce, with much less sodium, and plenty of amino acids and flavor. Finally, add the Swiss chard and let it cook down. Don’t overcook! If the noodles aren’t ready, take the wok off the burner! Also, don’t be afraid to add more toasted sesame oil and Bragg to suit your tastes. When the noodles are ready, dump them into a strainer and rinse well with cold water, otherwise they will clump up into a gloopy ball.

Winning Meals for Cyclists

Keep stirring!

Finally, toss the noodles into the wok with a final drizzle of Bragg and thoroughly, but gently, mix it all together. Transfer to a bowl and enjoy!

This is an easy dish to customize, and is tasty either hot out of the wok or as lunch the next day. Prep and clean up are minimal, leaving you with enough time to tune up your bike before bed!

Winning Meals for Cyclists

Farmer’s Market fresh Swiss chard.

Winning Meals for Cyclists

We love Bragg! Make sure you have these on hand.