Art’s and Eroica

While we sell an awful lot of carbon wunderbikes, we’re big fans of vintage bikes as well. Chief among the vintage bike enthusiasts here is Eric Benson, owner of Art’s Cyclery. Folks who love vintage bikes as much as Eric do have flocked to the first Eroica ever held in the US. The inagural event will be held in nearby Paso Robles, California April 10th-12th. This unique ride is aimed at cyclists who want to get out and ride vintage race bikes (pre-1988 only) wearing vintage apparel on a blend of tarmac and unimproved roads.

Wes Hatakeyama, Eroica California point man and a friend of Eric’s, reached out Eric to make use of his extensive knowledge of every back road in San Luis Obispo County. The two worked together to craft the stunningly beautiful 123-mile course.

Once the event particulars were nailed down and the wheels were put in motion (see what I did there?), the organizers put together a press event to promote the race and invited Eric and Art’s Cyclery Assistant Buyer, Zoe Zappas, to ride in a photo shoot highlighting the epic views offered along this wine country course.

Outfitted in vintage apparel and riding vintage bikes, the two enjoyed the day hammering along the Tuscan-esque central California roads with a few friends. Take a look below at some of the images Eric captured at stops along the way.

For folks that are signed up for Eroica, be sure to say ‘Hi’ to Eric and learn what Art’s is all about and why we are in the bike business.