Cycling Music

Cycling music, in this case, refers to music you listen to while you’re cycling. First, let’s provide a caveat to this post; you shouldn’t listen to music while you ride a  bike—it makes it hard to hear approaching cars, your riding companions, other trail users if you’re on the dirt, and sounds your bike makes if something’s wrong with it. That being said, I love road riding with an MP3 player in my jersey pocket. Music definitely enhances my riding experience, especially if I’m going solo. One of the great features of todays MP3 players is the incredible storage space available, enabling you to carry your entire music library at all times, thus guaranteeing you’ll be able to find the right song for the ride.

What kind of music do I listen to while riding? It all depends on the ride! There’s a long, steep hill that I ride rarely, but when I do, the Allman Brothers thirty-minute opus, Mountain Jam (on Eat a Peach), helps me get to the top. The screaming crowd gets me fired up, the wandering guitar solos seemingly wind in and out of coherence, much like I’m doing as I suffer, and the duelling drum solo motivates me to get to the top so I can change the song! For shorter, interval-style rides where I’m pushing it on the climbs and time-trialling the flats, something more driving and upbeat is needed. That’s when I dial up Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind and Powerslave to keep my cadence and my heartrate maxed. Lot’s of great songs on these albums but “The Trooper” and “Ace’s High” seem like they’re made for riding bikes. Finally, for sunny-day, relaxed or recovery rides, The John Butler Trio keeps me smiling and happy to be pedaling. Sunrise Over Sea and Three are two of my favorites.

Now, you may be asking how can help you enjoy your musical riding experience. We stock plenty of clothing designed with music-lovers in mind. The Pearl Izumi Pro Octane Jersey, Louis Garneau Thermal Carbon Jersey, Luis Garneau Powerblock Jacket, Sugoi RS Bibs, and Fox Sergent Short, plus others, all come with pockets specific for MP3 players and ports for headphones.

We’d like to hear what your favorite riding songs are, too. So help us all broaden our musical horizons and increase our cycling pleasure by leaving a comment.