Cervelo P5

After months of hype and speculation, Cervélo has finally released the specifications for the P5 time trial super-bike. The bike is a complete re-design of the P4, with a ton of new features and a visually striking profile. The P5 brakes new ground on several fronts, perhaps most notably is the utilization of hydraulic brakes, which are produced by Magura. The motto for the P5 is “Simply Faster,” which according to Cervélo’s co-founder and CEO means, the bike “is not only fast, but simple and easy to live with.”

The new P5 will be available in two models - one for triathlon and one that is UCI legal. This is the tri version.


The P5 frameset is Cervélo’s most aerodynamic ever, with a time saving of ~30-seconds in a 40-kilometer time trial, according to Cervélo. The P5 also features the BBright bottom bracket for ultimate power transfer and ComfortPly technology which removes unnecessary material to reduce vibration and improve ride quality. The P5 frame is the same on the triathlon and time trial versions of the bike, which means there aren’t any ridiculously deep tube shapes like the down tube on the Specialized Shiv. The fork on the tri version features much deeper blades than the UCI legal model and has a fairing that covers the hydraulic brake caliper. The P5 is also optimized to handle wider tires because of the trend toward wider wheels, popularized by Zipp and HED.


The integrated Aduro aerobar has been designed by Cervélo and manufactured by 3T. It features 100% hidden cables that eliminate aero drag and engineered cable paths that minimize bends and maximize shifting performance. The Arduro can be set up in three stack height configurations for over 11cm of adjustment and consists of only a few parts so assembly and adjustments are easy. Designed to match perfectly with the brake, fork and frame, the front end forms a single aerodynamic body for “flawless aerodynamic performance,” according to Cervélo.

The 3T aerobars have 11cm of stack height adjustability.


The P5 is the first time trial bike to utilize hydraulic rim brakes in production. Made by Magura, the RT 8TTT system is compatible with all road wheels and mounts to any standard basebar. Stopping power is abundant with quick response to rider input. Plus, this hydraulic system is lighter than most cable brake setups.

The Magura RT 8TT hydraulic system is low maintenance and lighter than most cable setups.

Storage and Hydration

Designed for speed and versatility, a full range of sleek and intuitive storage solutions have been custom designed for the P5. From a bottle cage mount between the aerobar pads to a Shimano Di2 battery holder inside the frame’s HiddenPocket to multiple locations for nutrition, the P5 mates optimal aero locations with east of access.

A bottle cage will fit neatly between the aerobars and a storage box attached to the top tube.

Availability and Pricing

We expect the P5 to arrive around mid March. The tri frameset will retail for $6,500 while the complete Di2 bike will be $10,000. The UCI frameset will go for $4,500 and the complete Dura-Ace bike will be $6,500.