Club Ride Fuze Short and Bolt Jersey Review

Ok don’t tell anyone I said this but constantly trying to look “pro” can get downright exhausting. I’m not always racing, I’m not always concerned about being as aerodynamic as possible, and I very seldom want to sacrifice my personal comfort for the sake of “performance.” Sometimes I just want to ride my bike with a touch of style and a heavy dose of comfort and to heck with everything else. Enter Club Ride apparel.

Perfect apparel for a relaxed Thanksgiving cyclocross adventure.

Club Ride makes cycling apparel for those who “don’t want to look like they’re racing in the Tour de France on their morning commute, but still want the performance features of technical materials.” Cycling clothing that supplied a blend of comfort and style without sacrificing comfort was exactly what I was searching for so naturally I jumped at the chance to test a couple of Club Ride garments.

The Fuze Short

The Club Ride Fuze shorts are incredibly comfortable while on the mountain bike.

The Club Ride Fuze Short is constructed using a slightly elastic material so, although they fit a little tighter than your standard mountain shorts, they are not restrictive. If you like a bit baggier feel, you can easily move a size up without issue. The Fuze has an included media pocket on the thigh that I never used while riding due to the placement but it is very convenient for off the bike applications.

The included waist clips are convenient for adjusting fit but can be frustrating when they pop open by themselves. This is easily solved by utilizing the even more convenient belt loops. Personally, I love the length of this short. Usually a mountain short extends passed the knee for added protection but the Fuze ends right above the knee for a great casual look and unrestricted pedaling. I find myself wearing all the Club Ride gear for extended periods before and after rides just because it is all so comfortable.

The style of the short is great for mid-ride lunch breaks and I felt slightly less awkward around “regular” a.k.a. non-cyclist folk. The included gunslinger chamois is very soft and plush, perfect for anything from a short commute to a longer mountain ride and it is removable in case you want to experiment with other chamois options. Overall the Fuze is a fantastic option for commuting, shorter rides around town, mountain biking, or even longer, relaxed road rides. The idea is too look good and stay comfortable and the Fuze gets the job done.

The Bolt Jersey

A Jersey that is so comfortable you can wear it all day. I’m sold.

The Club Ride Bolt Jersey is awesome, primarily because it looks nothing like a jersey. I love the casual styling while riding and I even wear it to work because it looks great and it is ridiculously comfortable. It is very light and stretches so you are completely unhindered while in the riding position. That being said, it is very light and airy so you may need a base layer for colder days. It has a zippered media pocket on the back right side that I found more functional than the one on the Fuze short. You just have to get used to a little extra weight hanging in your jersey. When I first wore the Bolt Jersey and the Fuze short together, my riding buddies thought I forgot my gear at home and that is what I really like about Club Ride. It’s casual, it’s comfortable and it has the performance where you really need it. That checks all the boxes in my opinion.