Fluid Recovery Drink Mix


16-Serving Fluid Recovery Drink Mix

16-Serving Fluid Recovery Drink Mix

We here at Art’s Cyclery feel a special kinship with Fluid, since we are both based in the same town—San Luis Obispo, California, (Fluid started as a Cal Poly senior project). Most of us use Fluid in our recovery ritual, some use it exclusively, and appreciate that it is a 100% natural mixture, while providing an excellent molecular profile for fast and complete recovery.

If you haven’t tried Fluid yet and still need some more persuasion, check out this forum on slowtwitch.com. Interesting results include noticeably decreased post-workout muscle soreness, and increased post-workout energy. Most testers appreciated the 2500 mg of L-Glutamine.

We are excited to be able to partner up with Fluid to offer a special online price to enable you to discover what we feel is a breakthrough product. Enjoy!