Giro Unveils the Air Attack Helmet

Is it a TT helmet? Is it a road helmet? The answer is yes to both.

Giro has created a new category of helmet with the release of the Air Attack. This aerodynamic lid is essentially a hybrid of Giro’s Selector TT helmet and the Aeon road helmet. It’s not quite as aero as the Selector and not as well-ventilated as the Aeon, but it still scores high marks on both. Two models will be available: with or without a shield. The shield shown on the helmet above attaches via three magnets and can easily be popped off while riding. 

The Air Attack also features a brand new closure system that was designed around the vent placement to maximize air flow. The target demographic for this helmet is anyone who values aerodynamics. Roadies who love their deep carbon rims and airfoil frames will love the Air Attack. Triathletes who race in hot or humid conditions will be enamored with this helmet because of its exceptional ventilation compared to other aero helmets.

Take a closer look at the development process:

The Air Attack won’t be available until the Spring of 2013. It comes in three sizes, features a bunch of color options and MSRP is $200 for the Air Attack and $240 for the Air Attack Shield. Claimed weight for a size MD is 264g for the non-shield and 296g for the shield model.

The shield can attach to the helmet upside down if you don't need it.

Looks like a bmx/skate helmet to us.

Notice the vents in the back to allow air to escape.