HED Ardennes+ SL Wheelset Review

Ardennes+ SL Wheel ReviewWhen it comes to wide rims, HED set the standard with their 23mm wide Belgium C2 rims. Now, HED continues to push the boundaries with their 25mm wide Belgium C2+ rim that serves as the main attraction of the Ardennes+ SL Wheelset. Does that extra 2mm make a noticeable difference out on the road? Oh yeah, it does! However, to paint the Ardennes+ SL Wheelset as merely a standard Ardennes SL wheelset on steroids would be selling it a bit short.

Some key changes have been made that put the C2+ rim into a league of its own. First off is the curved brake track. This new non-machined brake track blends into the side of the rim for a far smoother aerodynamic shape when compared to traditional rims. With the added width of the C2+ rim, a 23c tire’s sidewall extends vertically off of the bead hook before curving toward the tread of the tire. What does this mean for you? When the radically new tire shape is taken into account, the C2+ rim may be the most aerodynamic alloy rim on the market.

Inside the rim is a new bead shelf and bead hook designed to support and seal tubeless road tires. These new features make installing tubeless tires so easy in fact, that I was able to inflate them with a floor pump! With HED’s proven and lightweight hubs mated to the tubeless C2+ rim with its new aero shape and tubeless capabilities, a winning combination is born.

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