Lezyne Pumps are Legit!

just bought a Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump and it’s awesome. Lezyne is locally operated here in SLO, so we got a few pre-production products to thrash before they went out into the market. When Corn Dog brought by the new Lezyne pump head, the Flip

Detail of the Thread Lock Chuck

Detail of the Thread Lock Chuck

Thread Chuck, I was stoked. No more broken valve-stems, no more struggling to get the pump head onto the valve so it’ll air up. It’s great! The extra long barrel is sweet too.  It literally extends to my chest and pushes some serious air – about 5 psi per pump (no joke). The hose is extra long and feels nice and durable.  I also love the way it is held in place at the base.  One of those things you look at and think, “I can’t believe no one thought of that sooner,” like Shimano’s Shadow derailleurs.  The pump is so simple it reminds me of the old Silca pumps.  If you need a new pump, check out the Lezyne Floor Drive Series at Artscyclery.com. I’m very happy with mine.

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