Light and Motion Vis 360+ Review

Light and Motion Vis 360+ ReviewHelmet lights are the way to go for commuting. After using bar and seatpost-mounted lights for years I much prefer the versatility, comfort and ease of use offered by helmet lights such as the Light & Motion Vis 360+. With the ability to look at motorists to get their attention, helmet lights are certainly safer and offer the convenience of being able to switch bikes without switching mounts. If you like to go shopping on your way home from work like I do, then you don’t have to take the lights off of your bike to prevent theft with a helmet light.

In addition to these benefits offered by all helmet lights, the Vis 360+ is also lightweight, balanced, easy to use, and has a bright, even beam pattern that is second to none. When you add in the quality and customer support that Light & Motion is known for and the Vis 360’s outstanding burn time and lumen output, you have a true category leader.

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