Mini Review: Troy Lee Sprint Jersey and Shorts

My first impression of Troy Lee Design’s Sprint Jersey and Shorts was mixed. Holding the two items in my hands it was readily apparent that while they looked similar, they couldn’t have felt more different. The jersey is constructed with a light mesh material while the shorts consist of heavy Cordura, rubber patches and zippers that wouldn’t be out of place on a fighter pilot’s g-suit. While each of these features are de rigueur for a moto short, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be cursing the shorts halfway into a 15-mile ride. Man, was I wrong.


The fit of the Sprint shorts is generous and I found that I needed to really cinch down the waist adjusters on my size 32’s to fit. This is in spite of all my 32″ waist jeans fitting great. Keep that generous fit in mind when ordering a pair. Grippers sewn into the waist band and the sturdy double snaps at the top of the fly ensure the shorts stay in place. The rear pocket just barely fit my Motorola Droid X smart phone without the bumper case but I found iphones fit no problem.

Once on the bike I was instantly impressed with how comfortable the shorts were. The biggest surprise was how well they pedaled. There was absolutely no pedaling restriction whether I was pedaling seated or standing. The Sprint shorts are so well articulated and constructed with flexible materials in all the right places that they remained very comfortable on 20+ mile rides. Even hot days in the saddle were easily bearable. Whether you are a downhiller or a trail rider, these shorts will not disappoint.


The airy mesh construction of the Troy Lee Sprint Jersey looked like the perfect jersey for hot days out on the trail and it did not disappoint. As a guy that sunburns very easily, I especially liked the white mesh sleeves that breathed well while protecting my arms from the sun. I would go so far as to say that I think I was cooler with this long sleeve jersey than I am with a standard short sleeve xc jersey thanks to the extra sun protection offered by the sleeves.

The chest and upper back area of the jersey is made from a slightly heavier mesh material that kept me at an optimal temperature on warm days and helped to prevent chills when the sun ducked behind the clouds. The only deficiencies I can find with this jersey is that the sleeves are a bit on the short side. However, this minor complaint won’t bump the Troy Lee Sprint jersey from its spot in my mind as the ultimate warm weather mountain bike jersey.