Mini Review: WTB Bronson Tire

Even Charles Bronson loves his namesake tire.

Overview: Excellent all-around trail tire that excels on gravel and loose-over hard terrain.

Price: starts at $45

I’m a fan of WTB tires. I absolutely love the new Weirwolfs (read my full review here), but they wear pretty fast, a very small price to pay for the peace of mind I get from knowing when I’m leaning hard into a turn that those terraced side knobs are going to keep me glued to the trail. When I saw that WTB was coming out with the Bronson I was hesitant to try them. Why mess with success? But working in a bike shop I feel it’s my obligation to try new things whether it’s for better or worse so I can let the world know what I think.

So far the Bronson has been incredibly impressive. It’s a little wider than the Weirwolf making it more of a true 2.3” tire. The AM TCS set up is amazing; I have yet to flat and I’ve taken them through heavy rock sections I shouldn’t have rolled away from and seating them is super easy. The tire has much better traction while climbing than the Weirwolf. It excels in loose, rocky descents. The tire would break loose but I constantly felt in control. I don’t think I have ever felt as confident with any other tire through terrain like that. Even without the terraced side knobs found on the Weirwolf, the tire corners great and provided the same confidence I had with the Weirwolf to push the bike through a turn.

The ramped, low center knobs and aggressive cornering knobs makes the Bronson grip like death.

I have heard some people say they get some knob squirm but I have yet notice it. I have them paired up with a set of the WTB TCS wheels and it’s a match made in heaven. The wide rim compliments the tires perfectly. One tip I have on set up is to run the tires at a fairly low pressure. I have 24-25psi in them and they descend WAY better in the 25psi range than they did in the 30psi range. Keep in mind, you must be running a tubeless setup to run tires this low. Also, the wide rim of the WTB TCS wheels allows you to do this without the tire sidewalls rolling over or the bead burping off. Wider rims = larger air volume at a given pressure for tires of the same size. If you have standard width rims, we would discourage running such low pressures.

Is it better then the Weirwolf? I’m not going to say yes or no because they both shine in different ways. I thought the Bronson climbed a little better and was better in the gravelly stuff. The Weirwolf seems to roll a little faster and has a little more grip in the non-gravelly corners. If you like the Weirwolf, I would definitely check out the Bronson. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Check out the WTB Bronson AM TCS tires at here and keep on hammering.

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