Product Review: 100% Speedcraft Glasses

Review by Alex Kachlakev

Based on the signature sunglass of Macho Man Randy Savage, these babies are ergonomically and aerodynamically optimized for delivering the most brutal of body slams at WrestleMania! Ok, maybe that’s a bit farfetched but after seeing the 100% Speedcraft Sunglasses for the first time I couldn’t help but associate them with the Macho Man. Their design may not be too far off from other big and bold sunglasses out there but in my opinion, the small details make these one of the most interesting choices in eyewear currently available.


Having worn Oakleys for most of my riding days, my bar is set pretty high for lens quality. I found the Speedcraft Mirror Orange lens makes distinguishing trail features very easy, thanks to it’s contrast-enhancing tint. Objects seem to stand out and are crisply defined while wearing the glasses. In terms of clarity, the lens is comparable to the highest-quality offerings on the market. Borders of objects in the field of view are well-defined, and objects are spatially represented accurately. Inferior lenses tend to “shift” objects ever so slightly, which makes a difference when you’re on the gas.

speed2Due to the width of the lens, some magnification and distortion around the edges is experienced. I like to think of this as a benefit, funneling your vision to focus on what is directly in your path on those fast sections of trail. On the other hand, while climbing or casually cruising flat sections you may experience minor, temporary visual confusion. It’s been hard to replicate those instances, but I have been thrown off while looking through the very lowest part of the lens.

Fogging was only an issue once. I was very hot, sweating profusely, and there wasn’t even a slight breeze. Even then they fogged up only  a small amount. I tend to fog up goggles and glasses pretty easily, so the Speedcraft’s performance definitely impressed me in this regard.

Something to watch out for is that once the inside part of the lens (facing you) gets smudged with oil from your hands it is very hard to clean. However, the external side cleans very easily.

Overall, I was impressed with the Speedcraft lens’ extra coverage, superior optics, and ventilation.

Changing Lenses

Plainly put, changing the lenses in these glasses is quick but far from elegant. I feel like I’m going to break the lens every time I change it, and some chips have developed around the edges of the lens. Also, directly grabbing the face as opposed to edges of the lens is necessary while swapping. Changing out the nosepiece on the other hand is very quick and beautifully simple, while having 2 sizes to accommodate different face sizes is greatly appreciated.


Almost completely missing from your field of view when wearing the glasses, the Speedcraft’s frame is light and sturdy. Some helmet compatibility issues have arisen, as the arms of the frame are quite thick. I’ve found the Bell Super to be essentially incompatible with these glasses. They do play well with the TLD A1 and Kali Maya.


While they may not be the best choice for a shy or reserved person, I think their flamboyant color options and bold styling is amazing. This is obviously very subjective but they’re so fun and cool to look at that it’s hard to not like them. The styled, raised centerpiece taken from their goggles atop the frame, sharp lines, hard angles, and openings in the arms all make me think of them as the Lamborghini Countach of sunglasses. Not for everyone but adored by those who appreciate what they bring.


The 100% Speedcraft offer goggle-like coverage of your eyes without the intrusion of a frame, padding, or oversize nose bridge to block your vision in any direction. The feeling of speed, which goggles tend to subdue, is also retained as the wind rushes by your face, which I personally enjoy. While you may experience some distortion around the edges, you’ll mostly enjoy a sharp new view of the trail or road you’re riding. Throw in the fact they’re CE and ANSI certified and you can be sure your eyeballs will be the safest and most lavishly adorned pair on the trail that day!